about us

who are LCC Capital?
-founded in 2014, we're an independent contract hire funder
  • we were founded with the aim of making contract hire more accessible to people and companies that have traditionally struggled to find vehicle finance

  • we are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA

the official stuff:

LCC Capital is a trading name of Lease Car Credit Limited, a company registered in England & Wales No: 9656258, VAT No: 247 2633 04

Lease Car Credit Limited is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No: 724459

what do we do?
-we provide contract hire funding to individuals and business
  • we specialise in nearly new cars for contract hire, but we can source, supply and finance almost anything

  • New

  • Nearly New

  • Classic

  • Light Commercial

Contract Hire Funding
for business and consumers
on new and nearly new cars & light commercial vehicles
what makes us different?
-we're an independent vehicle funder, not a broker.
  • that's important- it means we do our own underwriting, make our own credit decisions and invest our own money in great vehicles for our customers

-we take a different approach

  • we understand that you/your business are individual, so we consider every application on its individual merits

  • we don’t operate scorecards and we don't automatically decline proposals.

previously declined? poor credit?

give LCC Capital a call- where other funders say no, we are often able to help- so why not get in touch?

so what does all that mean?
-our flexible approach means that we can often say yes even when others have said no. 

-so if you:

  • have a poor credit history (including CCJs/IVA/recent bankruptcy)

  • are a start-up business

  • have been previously declined for credit

  • have a profile that requires a bespoke or individual approach