we're a different kind

of vehicle funder

contract hire funding 


cars and light commercial vehicles

all applications considered


Bad Credit/ Non-Status/Limited Credit/ Weak Credit/ DMP/ CCJ /IVA/ Bankrupt

No Credit? No Problem!

We specialise in offering credit to people and companies with limited or weak credit scores

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how can we help?

car finance can seem complicated

especially if you have been


-previously declined

-are a new-start business

-have limited or weak credit

-have CCJs

-are in an IVA

-are a recent bankrupt

At LCC Capital, we specialise in funding people and businesses that other vehicle funders cannot help​.

so if you're looking for a new car or van, why not


Contract Hire
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what is contract hire?

what is contract hire?

how does it work?

is it right for me or my business?

what kind of vehicles are available?

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contract hire, we're here to help, 

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